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Roof Wash and House Wash for Trilogy HOA in Denver, NC

Roof Wash and House Wash for Trilogy HOA in Denver, NC

The Trilogy HOA requested to have the Gate House metal roof washed, the building washed, and a fireplace area washed. For this project we used both soft washing and pressure washing processes. Soft washing was used to safely clean the roof, building and some hardscapes by the fireplace. We decided to use pressure washing processes to remove the dirt and algae on the flat surfaces.

When it comes to washing a metal roof there are many variables to be aware of, such as heat, material and surrounding objects, this is why it is best to leave it up to the professionals at Stand Out Exteriors! We arrived on site early in the morning to avoid the sun heating up the roof. We applied a 3% mix of sodium hypochlorite to half of the metal roof via a soft wash system. A soft wash system allows a accurate and precise mix of the chemical being applied as well as a soft spray to ensure no damage can occur. Once the chemical was applied thoroughly to half the roof, we let it sit for 10 minutes, this is called a dwell. Letting the chemical dwell allows it to do its work. Finally we rinsed the half with the chemical applied and off came all of the grime! We repeated this process on the other half of the roof.

After the Roof wash we began on soft washing the building. When washing siding, facia, soffits and gutters it is important to not apply a lot of pressure to the surfaces, doing this can cause damage. We began soft washing the building, Appling solution to 2 sides of the building... letting dwell and thoroughly rinsing away all cobwebs, dirt and algae. We repeated this process on the other 2 sides of the building. Finally we moved to the fireplace area. To clean the floor we used a surface cleaner which evenly removes all dirt and grime in an efficient manner.

Service provided: Roof Cleaning

Location: Denver, NC

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