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House Washing and Driveway Cleaning in Huntersville, NC

House washing driveway cleaning huntersville

This Customer requested an estimate for a house wash as well as a driveway cleaning. They contacted us through our contact form on our website. Once we received the contact form, we went out as soon as possible to take a look at the property and give them a free estimate on a house wash and a driveway cleaning. After the estimate was given, they accepted and we scheduled them to the best date to fit their schedule.

When we arrived at the property the very first thing we did was connect our water hose to a spigot on the home owner house. This is our very first task because we use commercial grade equipment that requires a buffer tank to supply enough water to the pressure washer. Once our water hose is connected and flowing into our buffer tank, we knocked on the home owners door to notify them we are going to begin the house wash.

House washing an important yet sometimes forgotten upkeep of a home. Houses are large investments, this is why we recommend hiring a professional to do the work. There are many dos and don'ts that have to be taken into to account, but most importantly, do not apply any pressure to a hardy board or vinyl siding homes.

Beginning our house washing process we first check for any open outlets and surfaces that may be damaged from water or our chemical. This home had covered outlets so we did not have to tape them over. Once everything is checkout we move to wetting all vegetation near by. Wetting vegetation insures that our chemicals will not cause damage to them. Now that everything is ready we move to soft washing the home. This home was simple, three vinyl sides and one brick. We applied our solution to the front and right side of the home at the same time. Once it was applied we allowed it to dwell for 7-10 minutes. During this time we re wet the vegetation as well as kept the siding wet so our chemical does not dry on the surface. After our chemical killed all the organics and loosened the cobwebs, we began to rinse. Thoroughly rinsing is important in order to get all of the chemical off of the surfaces, if done incorrectly it may dry with marks. Once the front and left side we clean, we repeated this process for the back and left side.

After the house was washed we began to clean the driveway. This driveway had heavy mold and algae growth, so we began with a pre-treatment to loosen and kill as much of the organics as possible. Once our pre-treatment dwelled for 10 minutes, we began to surface clean the driveway. Surface cleaning is the most efficient and effective way to clean a driveway. Once all of the areas the surface cleaner could reach were clean, we moved to the trimming process. Trimming is important to achieving a finished look. We use a wand to reach all the corners that the surface cleaner was not able to reach. Now that the entire driveway has been pressure washed, we use a ball valve at the end of our pressure hose to rinse away all of the mud, mold, algae etc. from the concrete. The final step of this driveway cleaning was a final post-treatment with our chemical. A post-treatment can extend the longevity of the cleaning 3-4x!