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Driveway Cleaning in Statesville, NC

Driveway cleaning statesville

A common request from costumers is a driveway cleaning. A driveway cleaning is one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, weather you are preparing to sell, or would just like your home to Stand Out! For this driveway we began by applying a 3% mix of sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach. After apply bleach to the entire driveway, we allowed our solution to dwell for ten minutes. While our solution was killing all of the algae, mold and any other organics on the concrete, we wet all of the near by vegetation to ensure our solution does not affect it.

To begin the pressure washing process, we use our twenty inch surface cleaner. Our surface cleaner evenly disperses the water from our machine to the concrete at 3500 psi. During this process you can see the driveway turning back to white! After the we surface clean the entire driveway, we then move to our trimming tool. A trimming tool allows our techs to reach all corners and edges that the surface cleaner may not have been able to reach. Once the entire driveway has been pressure washed, we move to the rinsing process, rinsing all of the mud, algae and mold picked up from the pressure washer off of the driveway.

Now that the driveway is clean, we apply our bleach solution again. Appling our solution at the end of a driveway cleaning allows the chemicals to reach into the pores of the concrete and kill any left over mold and algae which cannot be seen by the human eye. We leave the solution to dry on the surface of the concrete. This post treatment is a must in our driveway cleaning process. It creates a bleached white finish and insures the longevity of the cleaning.

Products Used

Sodium Hypochlorite, Surfactant, Pressure Washer, Surface Cleaner