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Driveway Cleaning and House Wash in Denver, NC

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This Customer submitted a request for a free pressure washing estimate using our contact page found here. Once we received the request for an estimate, we put him on the schedule as fast as possible. When we arrived for the estimate the customer requested a house wash and a driveway cleaning. We took a look at the house and driveway, inspecting the materials used, plant life in the area, how tall the home is, and so on. Once the customer received his estimate and decided to accept we moved to scheduling him on the date that would work best with his schedule.

When we arrived at the property for the day of the cleaning, we immediately hooked up to a water source on the customers house. We do this because we use commercial equipment that requires a buffer tank to be filled in order to have enough water supplied. After connect to water, we came to the front door and made contact with the customer. Insuring that all of the windows are closed, dogs are inside, and so on.

To begin the house wash process we pull our 3/8ths pressure hoses around the house. We wet all plants in the area and begin to apply our chemical to the home. When applying chemical we get every surface and allow our chemical to sit for 5-10 minutes. Our chemical kills the pores of the mold and algae, completely removing it, leaving the siding clean and organics free. Once our chemical has done its work, we rinse thoroughly. We repeat this process for all sides of the home.

For driveway cleaning we begin with a pre treatment. A pre treatment is a 4-5% mix of sodium hypochlorite which will loosen the organic build up on the concrete. Once our pre treatment has dwelled for 10-15 minutes, we move forward to surface cleaning. Surface cleaning is the most effective way to clean a driveway and provide even clean results. Once the entire driveway is surface cleaned, we rinse away the dirt, organics and more off of the concrete. We then apply our post-treatment to increase the longevity of the cleaning 3-4 times! The post treatment increases the longevity of the cleaning by getting into the pores of the concrete and killing any algae and mold they you may not be able to see. Doing this make is much more difficult for the algae and mold to come back.

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