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Driveway Cleaning in Denver, NC

Driveway cleaning denver nc

Having your driveway pressure washed is one of the best ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. Not only will it increase the value of your home if you are trying to sell, but it also makes your home Stand Out from the rest.

To begin our driveway cleaning process, we first apply chemical through our pressure washer. We apply our chemical at a diluted rate depending on the build up of dirt, algae and mold on the driveway. For this driveway in particular we applied a 4% mix of sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach. After our solution is applied to the driveway and other hard surfaces we are cleaning, we let it sit and dwell for fifteen minutes, allowing the chemical to loosen the dirt and organic growth on the driveway and sidewalk.

Once we feel as if our chemical has done its part, we then take out our surface cleaner. A surface cleaning is the most efficient way to clean large flat surfaces, like driveways, pool deck and so on. Using a surface cleaner over the most common tool, a wand, allows for a much more even finish.

Once we have pressure washed as much as we can get to with the surface cleaner, we then move on to edging. Using a pressure washing wand to edge is the best way to get all of the corners and cracks clean that the surface cleaner may not have been able to come in contact with. Once the driveway is completely pressure washed, we move to our second to last step, rinsing. We use a ball valve to rinse off all of the mud, algae, mold etc. that was picked up by the pressure washer.

The final step of our driveway pressure washing process is re-apply sodium hypochlorite. Applying sodium hypochlorite at the end of the cleaning allows for the chemical to get deeper into the concretes pores and kill any left over organics that you may not be able to see with the human eye. This process is called a post treatment. Post treatments ensures that the driveway will stay clean for 2-4x longer.

Budget: $400

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